Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Henry Hohauser,The Art Deco Architect

Birth Date: 27 May 1895
Death Date: Mar 1963
Social Security Number: 266-32-6394
State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: Florida

Actual Death Residence: New York

Henry hohauser’r philosophy of work :

·         Strong sense of line
·         Illusion of pillars
·         Cubic forms
·         the bold colors and sharp lines of the movement.
      use of jewish architecture and coloure

Henry Hohauser was one of the principal architects of the Miami Beach Art Deco Architectural District. He was born in New York City on May 27, 1895. He attended the Pratt Institute of Technology in Brooklyn, New York. He worked in New York and moved to Miami in 1932. He died in Lawrence, New York on March 31, 1963.  
His famous works :
Architect of     Carlton
Architect of     Essex House
Architect of     Beachcomber
Architect of     Congress  
Architect of     Crescent
Architect of     Cardozo

Over the course of his career, Hohauser designed over 300 buildings throughout south beach in Miami.
Other than the Hotels he had designed many Apartments and avenues of condos style in miami.
This Are some examples of those avenues & apartments:
·         Parc Vendome - 736 13th Street(1936)
·         735 Condo - 735 14th Place(1936)
·         The Helene Marie - 1050-56 Jefferson Avenue(1939)
·         Mansfield Park - 1925 Washington Avenue(1949)
·         The Vintage East - 1250 Drexel Avenue(1939)
·         The Aloha - 1457 Meridian Avenue(1937)
·         Michigan Place Condominium - 1600 Michigan Avenue(1936)
·         The Chelsea - 530-50 15th Street(1938)
·         1610 Pennsylvania Avenue(1937)

Cardoza Hotel,Miami

Beach camber Hotel,Miami

Congress Hotel

Essex Hotel

Colony Hotel

Palmer House-Avenue

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     He was the man who created whole south beach impression of Art Deco. 
     for more fine information you can check out this you tube video :
Other links where you can get detail information about henry's works : 


  1. Just FYI, you didn't mention the Penguin Hotel on Ocean Drive. That one is interesting because it sets appart from the other works, but we still can see Hohauser obsession with lines.

  2. I'm working on a project at 825 Michigan Ave. and discovered that he was the architect for that building as well... Just in case you didn't know.

    1. Chris and Anonymous thanks for sharing this information. I know there are many projects which are not listed here. this attempt was just to give a brief about who this man was and what he gave to society. so thank you again for your acknowledgement this will help people to know more about Ar. Henry Hohauser.